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Bruce Baltovi   thebees.ct@att.net
05-02-2022 10:39:23 AM CST
I'm sure you are busy with many things, but I am disappointed that you can't find a few moments to respond to my request. If you don't keep records of your bookings and don't know the date I am asking for then just tell me. To not respond at all is just, well, unprofessional to say the least. Here's hoping you can find those few moments. Thanks anyway.....

Bruce Baltovi   thebees.ct@att.net
04-12-2022 9:59:27 AM CST
Hello! Are you there? I know my request is somewhat odd but I'm hoping you will respond.....

Bruce Baltovi   thebees.ct@att.net
04-06-2022 1:39:01 PM CST
I hope you got my last request for the exact date you played Captain's Cove in Bridgeport, Ct in the summer of 2012. It would be great to finally have that date since it was our first date and the start of our relationship. Thanks

Bruce Baltovi   thebees.ct@att.net
03-30-2022 1:51:11 PM CST
Please help me. I need to know the exact date you played at Captains Cove in Bridgeport, CT the summer of 2012. I think it was August 3rd or 4th but I am being told it was actually Labor Day week end on a Sunday. We love your band and this date I want was our first date and we have been together ever since. We want to celebrate it ....

07-14-2021 8:05:19 PM CST
Listening to you on Huntington Green- you sound great- good energy- was trying to find out who the female is that’s singing- not listed on the band page- she’s great!! Can you please list her info!

Robert Madison    robdogg@comcast.net
12-18-2019 12:22:18 PM CST
Hey guys I’m a big fan been following the band for almost two years and me and my wife enjoy every show. I was considering having the band at my wife’s 60th birthday party in the summer if you guys are available. I was reading the Bio’s on the members and my wife really enjoys the young lady that sings upfront (Ms Bonita) , I was wondering if she stopped singing with you guys because she is not in the Bio’s and we really love her voice I hope that is not the case. Plan to see you guys this weekend can not wait. Have a blessed day.

The Bernadettes
10-26-2019 10:01:19 AM CST
Thank you Joe, we’re glad that you approve! We hope that the Purple One did too!

The Bernadettes
10-26-2019 9:59:56 AM CST
Thank you Joseph!!!

Joe   Songwriter50@aol.com
09-23-2019 3:06:21 PM CST
I saw you guys at the Wolf's Den and you guys were phenomenal, especially Prince's Purple Rain! Amazing!

joseph ortiz   j.oz@verizon.net
09-02-2019 7:22:49 PM CST
I saw you guys at Mohegan Sun last night(Awesome).I am from Mass,You guys need to play at Plainridge Park casino....Would love to you guys play there...Great venue....

Pam Sanchez   Fyrgal06@aol.com
08-11-2019 7:41:12 PM CST

Your newest fan! Nevaeh!

Coleen Grabowski   colgrabows@optonline.net
08-06-2019 10:59:57 AM CST
On Sunday August 18th you are doing a show at Joey C's Boathouse. Your website has a time of 7-11. Joey C's website is showing the time as 4-8. Can you please confirm. Don't want to miss out!!

The Bernadettes
07-07-2019 11:22:46 PM CST
Thank you Laurie!!!

Laurie Ann   Laurie0701@yahoo.com
02-16-2019 7:37:31 PM CST

Laurie Ann   Laurie0701@yahoo.com
02-16-2019 7:37:10 PM CST

Happy Birthday Bryan! I miss you guys! Been so busy working, I haven’t been able to get my dance on. Hopefully next weekend! You guys are the best! ❤️❤️❤️

Laurie Ann   Laurie0701@yahoo.com
02-16-2019 7:30:20 PM CST

Anna McGrath   Avboyer4@gmail.com
09-26-2018 10:56:43 AM CST
We love The Bernadettes!!! Bryan and his fellow band memebers did the most amazing job performing at my wedding reception, and had the whole party dancing for 4 hours straight! They were so accommodating and an absolute pleasure to work with. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to help me celebrate my wedding day! Thank you so so much!

The Bernadettes
09-24-2018 9:47:49 PM CST
Thank you Blair, for your kind words!!! It was our pleasure!!!

Blair Boyer   blair.boyer@gmail.com
09-23-2018 5:45:58 PM CST
Boy oh boy did you guys put on a great show at our daughter’s wedding In Fenwick, CT last Saturday night. From the cocktail hour duo right through to the full band’s 3 amazing sets we couldn’t have asked for a better time! You all are amazing musicians and entertainers. The selections had everyone on their feet the entire evening! Thanks again for being a very memorable and fantastic part of our celebration!

The Bernadettes
08-29-2018 8:16:35 AM CST
Thanks Fred!!!

Fred Patchen   fritzpatchen@yahoo.com
08-05-2018 5:28:25 AM CST
Just a shout-out to Mr. Spicer's band. (Mark and I were in the Berkner drum corps way back in '82..."Thick as a brick" cadence, I do remember...) Your group plays a ton of great old stuff. Enjoyed watching it on YouTube!

05-04-2018 7:46:23 PM CST
just writing in your schedule to my calendar and I saw a date that didn't match the day of week. you may want to correct your Oct 5 2018 date to read a friday

Dawn Mckinley
01-07-2018 4:15:58 PM CST
Was wondering if you are still looking for a vocalist. Been looking for a great Band and from what I see you guys are fabalous. Email me at dmckinley1960@yahoo.com to chat. Looking forward to it.

10-07-2017 4:18:59 PM CST
Just saw you at Celebrate Wallingford today. You are spectacular! Hoping you come out with a CD soon!

DJ Reggie B
06-19-2017 6:57:48 AM CST
Hello band great show this weekend at the cove, I was wondering would you be interested in having me donate my services for some of your gigs. I have been a DJ for over 30 years and play all types of music.Not looking to get paid just love entertaining people like you guys. My number I is 203-543-9156, I am the Contact's DJ also.Thank you.

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