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07-14-2021 8:05:19 PM CST
Listening to you on Huntington Green- you sound great- good energy- was trying to find out who the female is that’s singing- not listed on the band page- she’s great!! Can you please list her info!

Robert Madison    robdogg@comcast.net
12-18-2019 12:22:18 PM CST
Hey guys I’m a big fan been following the band for almost two years and me and my wife enjoy every show. I was considering having the band at my wife’s 60th birthday party in the summer if you guys are available. I was reading the Bio’s on the members and my wife really enjoys the young lady that sings upfront (Ms Bonita) , I was wondering if she stopped singing with you guys because she is not in the Bio’s and we really love her voice I hope that is not the case. Plan to see you guys this weekend can not wait. Have a blessed day.

The Bernadettes
10-26-2019 10:01:19 AM CST
Thank you Joe, we’re glad that you approve! We hope that the Purple One did too!

The Bernadettes
10-26-2019 9:59:56 AM CST
Thank you Joseph!!!

Joe   Songwriter50@aol.com
09-23-2019 3:06:21 PM CST
I saw you guys at the Wolf's Den and you guys were phenomenal, especially Prince's Purple Rain! Amazing!

joseph ortiz   j.oz@verizon.net
09-02-2019 7:22:49 PM CST
I saw you guys at Mohegan Sun last night(Awesome).I am from Mass,You guys need to play at Plainridge Park casino....Would love to you guys play there...Great venue....

Pam Sanchez   Fyrgal06@aol.com
08-11-2019 7:41:12 PM CST

Your newest fan! Nevaeh!

Coleen Grabowski   colgrabows@optonline.net
08-06-2019 10:59:57 AM CST
On Sunday August 18th you are doing a show at Joey C's Boathouse. Your website has a time of 7-11. Joey C's website is showing the time as 4-8. Can you please confirm. Don't want to miss out!!

The Bernadettes
07-07-2019 11:22:46 PM CST
Thank you Laurie!!!

Laurie Ann   Laurie0701@yahoo.com
02-16-2019 7:37:31 PM CST

Laurie Ann   Laurie0701@yahoo.com
02-16-2019 7:37:10 PM CST

Happy Birthday Bryan! I miss you guys! Been so busy working, I haven’t been able to get my dance on. Hopefully next weekend! You guys are the best! ❤️❤️❤️

Laurie Ann   Laurie0701@yahoo.com
02-16-2019 7:30:20 PM CST

Anna McGrath   Avboyer4@gmail.com
09-26-2018 10:56:43 AM CST
We love The Bernadettes!!! Bryan and his fellow band memebers did the most amazing job performing at my wedding reception, and had the whole party dancing for 4 hours straight! They were so accommodating and an absolute pleasure to work with. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to help me celebrate my wedding day! Thank you so so much!

The Bernadettes
09-24-2018 9:47:49 PM CST
Thank you Blair, for your kind words!!! It was our pleasure!!!

Blair Boyer   blair.boyer@gmail.com
09-23-2018 5:45:58 PM CST
Boy oh boy did you guys put on a great show at our daughter’s wedding In Fenwick, CT last Saturday night. From the cocktail hour duo right through to the full band’s 3 amazing sets we couldn’t have asked for a better time! You all are amazing musicians and entertainers. The selections had everyone on their feet the entire evening! Thanks again for being a very memorable and fantastic part of our celebration!

The Bernadettes
08-29-2018 8:16:35 AM CST
Thanks Fred!!!

Fred Patchen   fritzpatchen@yahoo.com
08-05-2018 5:28:25 AM CST
Just a shout-out to Mr. Spicer's band. (Mark and I were in the Berkner drum corps way back in '82..."Thick as a brick" cadence, I do remember...) Your group plays a ton of great old stuff. Enjoyed watching it on YouTube!

05-04-2018 7:46:23 PM CST
just writing in your schedule to my calendar and I saw a date that didn't match the day of week. you may want to correct your Oct 5 2018 date to read a friday

Dawn Mckinley
01-07-2018 4:15:58 PM CST
Was wondering if you are still looking for a vocalist. Been looking for a great Band and from what I see you guys are fabalous. Email me at dmckinley1960@yahoo.com to chat. Looking forward to it.

10-07-2017 4:18:59 PM CST
Just saw you at Celebrate Wallingford today. You are spectacular! Hoping you come out with a CD soon!

DJ Reggie B
06-19-2017 6:57:48 AM CST
Hello band great show this weekend at the cove, I was wondering would you be interested in having me donate my services for some of your gigs. I have been a DJ for over 30 years and play all types of music.Not looking to get paid just love entertaining people like you guys. My number I is 203-543-9156, I am the Contact's DJ also.Thank you.

Laurie   laurie0701@yahoo.com
05-12-2017 11:06:52 AM CST
Hi, Will you still be performing on Mother's Day at Captain's Cove, even though they are calling for heavy rain? Sure hope so, my 3 sons and I would like to spend Mother's Day enjoying your awesome music. We are all musically talented ourselves!!

The Bernadettes
01-03-2017 1:22:04 AM CST
Thank you Maryann! And you're welcome!

The Bernadettes
01-03-2017 1:11:56 AM CST
Hello Megan Ann, yes we did play in Westchester County in 2016 and will probably play there again in the future. Take a look at our schedule on our website to keep up with our destinations.

Maryann   Mperruna@hotmail.com
01-01-2017 2:26:57 AM CST

Fabulous New Year's Eve again with the Bernadettes! Thank you for driving us to our hotel (because metro taxi never came to pick us up even though we had a reservation )

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