This page is dedicated to our past members of The Bernadettes. Each former member brought something unique, and as special as their individual personalities and musical styles, to The Bernadettes and contributed to our popularity during their time with us. Although each member has moved on to new endeavors, they will always be considered as a part of our extended family. Hey, you never know, you just might see some of them sitting in with us! So, wherever their journeys take them, we wish them nothing but the best that life has to offer! As you scroll through the names and photos below, smile on the memories that they shared with you, and those that you shared with them. May God keep those former members who no longer share our air.


Musically Yours,

The Bernadettes




Jim Kader, Jr. (Original Founding Member, Band Leader, Lead & Rhythm Guitar)


Don DeStefano (Harmonica, Rhythm & Slide Guitar)


Curtis "T" Thompson (Lead & Background Vocals)


Dean Kosh (Drums)


Elden Lowery (Lead & Background Vocals)


Michael Dunham (Lead & Background Vocals)


Paul Georgia (Drums)


Sheila Fabrizio (Lead & Background Vocals)


Felicia Renee March (Lead Vocals)


Marques Christopher (Lead & Background Vocals)


Brian Johnson (Bass Guitar)


Members - Bass

Matt Katz (Original Founding Member), Paul Vitelle, Jack Thigpen, Brian Johnson, Mark Moore


Members - Drums

Doug Sabino (Original Founding Member), Duke Polites, Josh Rippen, Mike D’Amico, Paul Georgia, Dean Kosh, Pete Hines


Members - Guitar

Jim Kader (Original Founding Member), Rick Sarcia (Original Founding Member), Doug Daniels, Arnold Stanio


Members – Harmonica

Frank Greco (Original Founding Member), Don DeStefano


Members - Keyboards

Rick Lee (Original Founding Member), Doug White, Mark Spicer (1995 – present)


Members - Saxophone

JD Herzog


Members - Singers

Kevin Sanchez Walsh (Original Founding Member), Curtis Thompson, Elden Lowery, Mike Dunham, Bryan D. Kearney, Felicia Renee March, Sheila Fabrizio, Natalie McKnight, Marques Christopher Iwanicki, Bonita Brooks


Band Photos - Hey, here are some photos of different variations of The Bernadettes over the years. As more photos are found, they will be added to this page. Click on each picture below to see a larger version of it. Enjoy!!!