Who We Are


Bryan D. Kearney (Band Leader, Lead Vocals, EWI & Percussion)

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Bryan has been performing on stage as a musician and singer for audiences since the age of ten. He also writes, composes and records original music. He has performed as a solo artist and with bands from Boston to Miami as well as on cruise ships for over 20 years. He is also a theater actor and member of the Doris and Company Theatrical Group, where he stars as an actor, singer, songwriter and music producer for the ensemble. His original music can be heard on video recordings produced by the theatrical group.



Mark Spicer (Keyboards, Vocals)

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Originally from Bedford, England, Mark moved to the U.S. as a teenager, and remained on this side of the Atlantic to further his studies at the University of North Texas, where he received both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music. He has performed and traveled literally around the world, from his native England to Singapore (where he taught in a music conservatory for two years) and throughout the United States and Canada. Prior to joining the Bernadettes in 1995, he was an original member of the critically acclaimed Texas based neo-cabaret outfit Little Jack Melody and His Young Turks, and can be heard on the band's first two CDs. Mark came to New Haven to pursue his doctorate at Yale University, where for three years he taught for the prestigious Yale Department of Music, and was awarded the Ph.D. in 2001. He is now Professor of Music at Hunter College and the Graduate Center, City of New York.



Pete Hines - (Drums)

Pete Hines has been drumming since the tender age of 7! Originally from Hamden, CT, Pete was a self-taught drummer and started his career playing in church. He later blossomed on the scene playing with various local bands since the age of 21 and became arguably one of the most influential drummers in New Haven County. Pete plays drums from different styles of music like rock, soul, funk, country, blues, and hip-hop. Pete had to be very well versed in all of those styles to make the songs sound and feel as authentic as possible. Being a part of a multi-genre musical environment, Pete plays and expresses himself through each style of music as the pursuit of perfection became a natural desire of his. That desire and the musical gift of "drummer's knowledge and skills" made him renowned for being one of the freshest, sought-after and best drummers that walk this earth.Pete has shared his drumming skills in Canada, Bermuda, and Dominic Republic and has been continuously playing for the Bernadettes for the past 8 years.He has also played for R&B sensational artist, Lamone Andrews, local groups NuCullers, Le'Mixx, Soul Sound Revue, Timmy Maia, Rahsaan Langley Project, Rohn Lawrence and Friends, Fade to Black, and Band Together, just to name a few. He has also opened up a show for the 1970’s American R&B Soul vocal group The Delfonics. His musical family background, his independence and teaching skills, mixed with his knowledge of music make him very well respected. Any sound source can inspire new ideas to incorporate into his playing. He is the driving force behind the groove!



Arnold Stanio (Lead & Rhythm Guitar)

Originally from East Haven, Connecticut, Arnold began playing guitar at age 12. At age 13, he played his first gig with a trio and made $33. He was hooked! At age 20, he moved to Los Angeles and attended Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood (GIT). He played all over LA in a variety of working bands in many different genres including Ska funk, rock, blues, R & B and country. In 1988 He was introduced to Michael Hedges and a style of music called "open tuning acoustics". He studied this style with renowned guitarist Bill Whitacre and performed this genre with Bill and as a solo artist. In 1996, He moved to Las Vegas and played up and down the strip with Dan Lovelace and the New Attitude. He enjoys writing poetry, short stories, and teaching children the beauty of music.



Mark Moore (Bass Guitar)

Mark Moore is a self-taught bassist who started learning late in life at the age of 22. To hear him play, you’d find that hard to believe.  Coming from a family of musicians, Mark was a star athlete, he preferred the outdoors to music.  When he decided to play, he chose the bass. He literally took days to learn it and has since mastered the instrument. It came natural, given his family background. He prides himself on his ability to learn songs on site. He also spends countless hours perfecting his skill. Mark became high in demand, playing with various bands in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York, just to name a few until he was hired abroad playing in a list of different countries where music was the common language. His knowledge of the bass is at its best. Playing all styles of music, he can fill the room with the soulful sounds of gospel, R&B, soul, funk, rock, blues, jazz, hip-hop and reggae. Not one to play note for note, his spin on classics and todays style of music will keep you on your feet. Mark has taken playing bass by storm with the likes of Najee, Mellissa Morgan, Shirley Murdock, Marvin Sapp, and Gospel Jazz artist Hubert Powell, and a host of others. He is sought for his teaching skills and knowledge of various basses and accessories. When you hear “Moore Bass” plucking those 6 strings, you’re listening to the master.